js13KGames entry for 2018. Theme: Offline

Also submitted on PROCJAM.

A bullet hell game about a hermit disrupting telecommunication system antennas.

Destroy drones with the energy you accumulate on your Tin Foil Hat, collect 10 scraps to build faraday cages around each antenna and get 'em all offline!

All art work was done pixel by pixel using a text-editor, mapping each character to a color. Some tile details and animations are generated randomly.

The look and feel and play experience where inspired by games like Nuclear Throne and Battle City, with arcade elements.

It's the first full game I have ever made. It was fun to learn lots of new stuff. If I had more time and game-size, I would do:

  • Special attack and defence, like "dash" and "blast all enemies"
  • More story details
  • Other types of terrains
  • Better auto adjust screen size (tried simple things, but it was interfering on the mouse aim)
  • Music
  • Multiplayer
  • More feedbacks, like when you take damage


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This is really fun! I like the concept and the art. The map moves a lot when moving the cursor which is a little disorientating. Would be curious to see how it feels with that movement toned down a bit.

Thank you for the feedback!

I have just created a version without the mouse following the camera:  https://arturaugusto.github.io/Faraday-cage-Rampage/no_mouse_cam

Cool. Yeah that is much more intuitive for me to play. Almost got through the third level